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Stop Surviving, Start Thriving

Do you feel like you're just going through the motions?

Doing the same thing each day but with less vibrancy, less energy, and less enthusiasm as time passes?

Do you have a niggling feeling there's more to life but you don't know what?

Feeling stuck but don't know what action to take?

I've been there, I get it. Let me help you.

In this 6-week guided course you’ll learn how get off autopilot and start thriving. You will learn how to cultivate joy in every aspect of your life. Joy that is clear, long-lasting, and aligned with your purpose.


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The course modules

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Week 1

Why are you here? Creating your ideal life

Assess which areas of your life currently need change, get clear on what your ideal life looks like and get the tools to create it.

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Week 2

Become a witness

Learn how to cultivate self awareness, the role of meditation and the science behind it, and what's blocking you from doing so effectively.

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Week 3

What's holding you back: rewrite your narratives

Look back at the critical moments in your life that are currently blocking you, then learn how to rewrite these negative beliefs and patterns.

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Week 4

Find your joy

Learn how to find more joy in every aspect of your life, even in the things you don’t enjoy. Explore the seven types of rest and how to actually start feeling re-energised.

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Week 5

Navigating ourselves in an external world

The world constantly triggers and challenges us, but in this week you’ll learn how to maintain your joy even during life’s toughest moments.

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Week 6

Taking action and make it last

Learn to create lasting change by exploring what balance really means and how to have it, and what habits you need to ensure your newfound joy is permanent, not temporary.

The program is currently in full capacity, but be the first to know about the next cohort’s opening.


Doors now open for enrolment - we start live on January 16 2023


One-on-One Mentoring
(limited offering)

Focused 1:1 mentoring for the person who's finally ready for change in their life, who wants to call in fulfilment and thrive in every aspect of their life.

This is a mentorship where you get my laser focused attention and vision on your life. We will examine the blocks holding you back, get complete clarity on creating your ideal life, and find joy, fulfilment, alignment, expansion and purpose in your life.

I will hold you accountable and tailor practices to guide you through making sustainable and long lasting change.


Premium Package: combine mentoring and the course (limited offering)

Change is more powerful when done together. By upgrading to this very limited offering - you get all the benefits of the six week course, combined with one on one weekly mentoring from me for the entire duration of the course.

I will hold you accountable during the course and together we will explore your biggest fears, issues, limiting beliefs and what's holding you back. I will help you navigate your triggers and tailor best practices to help you cultivate the joy you deserve with your unique needs, goals and values.


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