Get to know Sarah

Left: A photo of Sarah in a red dress. Right: Sarah with her law degree.

At 29, my life was “sorted.”

On the outside looking in, I had the “perfect” job as a lawyer and a “perfect” relationship at 29. Society deemed my career reputable and prestigious, while me and my partner planned purchasing our property, marriage, and kids.

I had lifelong friendships, and I constantly accomplished career milestones and ticked off life’s bucket list. I was “winning” at life. But in reality, I’d never been more miserable.

By 30, I had everything I’d ever wanted and nothing that I needed.

I had no energy most days to do anything. I felt tired all the time, stifled, empty, suffocated, creatively blocked, low motivation, and zest for life. I dragged my feet through the work day, and struggled to function without 4 or 5 cups of coffee per day.

I felt suffocated and stagnant in my relationship. I had draining friendships. On the good days, I felt like I was just going through the motions. On the bad days, I was miserable.

A photo of Sarah laughing in front of windows and next to pink flowers.

So I flipped my life upside-down.

I walked away from my career with no intention of ever working as a lawyer again. I ended my relationship. I ended friendships. I started resting, really truly resting. I spent time turning back into the things that brought me joy. I turned down jobs. I started investing in my own growth through new qualifications and personal development courses. I kept choosing myself.

A new beginning

In the space of a year I went from unhappy, burned out, suffocated, stifled, creatively blocked, empty and exhausted… to rested, joyful, optimistic, playful, in alignment, intuitive, energetic, creative and happy.

For the first time in my adult life, I started sleeping well. I ate well. I effortlessly maintained a regular exercise regime. I got back in touch with my wants, my needs, my intuition, and living an authentic life that’s true to me.

Left: Sarah walking on the beach. Right: Sarah holding a book while reading outdoors.

This is how Collected Insight was born.

This change wasn’t an accident. It was hard work, and an unwavering commitment even when it was hard and uncomfortable to change my life.

And I want to put all of those tools into a course to help other people who feel stuck too, unhappy, exhausted, and craving more. In a much shorter timeframe, and at less cost and need to search everywhere for the information.

A headshot of Sarah and her left hand leaning against her left chin.

A motivated, capable, qualified coach.

My capabilities as a coach aren’t only limited to my personal stories. I’m a certified Neurolinguistic Programming Practicioner, a qualified Personal Trainer, and I have a Bachelor’s in Sociology, which underpins my deep knowledge of human behaviour. I’ve also done training in Sleep Hygiene & Optimization and Inner Child Healing.

Before this career change, I started my career as a corporate lawyer after graduating from my Bachelor of Laws with First Class Honours and the University Medal. I landed a prestigious job as a corporate lawyer at one of Australia’s biggest law firms.

Start your journey to joy now.